Worth the Trouble

Once the last person turned the corner, Alan whispered, “Now.” He parked his borrowed janitorial cart by the door as Janice pulled her kit out from under a thin layer of concealing garbage. In a moment, she had the keypad faceplate off and had buried her tools in the device’s guts.

Alan shifted, letting the cart cover her from one side of the plush office hall and trying to do the same on the other side. “How much longer?” he hissed.

“As long as it takes.” Her voice was dry as her tools tried thousands of keypad combinations. “We could’ve done this later, you know.”

“No. I can’t wait.” Alan shifted from one leg to the other, looking up and down the hall. “C’mon, I have to go!”

“You better be able to ho—done!” The keypad buzzed and the door lock chunked open. Alan shouldered through the door that moment and disappeared into the pristine, white-tiled room beyond. Janice held it open for a second and called in, “It better be worth all this trouble.”

She heard the sound of streaming water and a long sigh of relief. Alan called back, “It is. The executive washroom is just that good.”

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