What Would You Do?

“What would you do,” Nicky asked her girlfriend, “if you could travel through time and space any way you wanted?” They sat together on the bus ride home, legs entangled and idly chatting.

“Any way I wanted?” Cat pursed her lips and hummed. “I guess I’d go back and see if Jesus was the real deal.”

“Deep.” Nicky laughed as Cat smacked her on the leg. “What else?”

“Mmm. Can I survive no matter what? Like, can I go back and watch the big bang?”

“Sorry, not without a spacesuit or something.”

“Okay, so…” Cat cast her eyes about the bus, and across the businesses outside. “Maybe hop into a bank and steal. It’s insured, so… no, even better, I’d go back and collect a bunch of rare coins and stamps when they were new and not rare! That’s better than stealing!”

“Cool idea! What else?”

“Go back to before the boat sank and get a photo of the antikythera mechanism. Something I can turn into a poster for my wall. And a video of them building Stonehenge and the pyramids!”

“Geek.” Nicky nuzzled Cat’s cheek and gave her a peck. They debarked the bus and let themselves into their apartment.

Cat tossed her keys into the ceramic bowl by the door. “Well, what about you? What would you do?”

“I dunno. Probably ask my girlfriend what she’d do so I could give her a nice surprise.”

Cat laughed. “Cop out.”

“Totally. Here, would you put my sweater in the closet while I put away the groceries?” Cat took the sweater. Moments later she returned, far less animated.

“Hon. Um, where did that big poster on the wall come from? And those philatelist and numismatist books?”

Nicky put down the groceries. “So, I have something to tell you. About Jesus.”

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