Trolls at the Zoo

Morkus was a little troll. He lived with his parents and his older brother Zorkus. He loved them all, and they loved him. Even if Zorkus showed it in funny ways sometimes.

The Troll family went to the zoo. It was a sunny day and just warm enough to go wandering through the enclosures.

They went to see the giraffes. “Wow,” said Morkus, “they’re so tall.”

“I bet they fall over a lot,” Zorkus said.

They went to see the hippopotami. “Look at its mouth!” Morkus said. “It’s so big!”

“Ugh,” said Zorkus, “he needs to brush his teeth!”

They went to see the tigers. “Rawr,” said Morkus, staring at the animals.

“I’m going to get everyone some drinks,” said their father. Their mother turned to look at the armadillos.

“I’m going to hide,” Zorkus whispered to Morkus.

“No,” said Morkus, “stay with me.” But Zorkus hid behind a bush. Their father came back and handed everyone their drinks.

“Where’s Zorkus?” he asked. Zorkus snickered from behind a bush.

“He was here a minute ago,” said their mother.

“Hmmm,” said their father. “Well, I guess Zorkus is gone forever. I’m sad, but that means I get to drink his milkshake!” He started drinking the strawberry milkshake.

“Hey!” Zorkus appeared from behind the bush.

“Oh,” said their mother, “we thought you were gone forever.”

“He was hiding!” Morkus said.

“Oh, that’s right,” said their father. “Here,” he said, “have your milkshake.”

After seeing the bears, antelope, and iguanas, they went home.

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