Through the Beholder’s Eye

“You like the looks of him, eh?” Gillian blushed and looked away. “You can look. It’s more fun to know who attracts you than it is to be jealous.”

“Yeah? Then, yeah, he’s pretty cute.” She gave Rick a crooked smile. “So, who’re you looking at?”

He looked around the busy street from his seat at the corner cafe. “Ooh, there.” He gestured to a woman with a cleft lip, crossed eyes, and a pronounced overbite.

“Um, really?”

“Oh, yeah. Or there.” He nodded to a woman passing with marked vitiligo marking her face in blotches of light and dark.


“Ooh, see that woman crossing the street?” He gestured with his eyes, and she followed his gaze to a prune-faced old woman with a hump, ninety if she was a day.

“Yeah…” Gillian’s hand unconsciously rubbed the back of her neck.

“Or, um, see that woman sitting three tables behind me? Alone, in the blue coat?” His girlfriend spotted a woman with burn scars on half her face. “Yeah, she’s hot.”

“I, uh…” she picked up her spoon, the nearest reflective surface, and looked at her own face.

“Hey, sexy,” Rick said suggestively. “Wanna go back to your place?”

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