This Is Not Normal

“This is not normal,” she said. I looked at her, tilted my head in response to the lilt in her voice and asked, “What?”

“This thing we do,” she said. “Normal people don’t do this.” Her lithe body silhouetted against the glowing drawn curtains as she stood and slipped back into her dress.

“I’m pretty sure people around the world have affairs every day. It’s not that weird.” I stood and made sure she had a good view of my figure before I began to dress.

“Oh, honey.” She walked over and took my head in both her hands. “I’m not sure this is good for us.”

I buttoned my trousers and gave her my cockiest smile. “Afraid my wife will find out? Or your husband?”

Her fingers stroked behind my ear, then caught on something that didn’t belong there. I was just starting to become curious when she flicked the switch and I remembered my inhibitor, among other things. She gave me a chaste kiss and said, “I have a late meeting tonight. Dinner at seven-thirty?”

“Sure, hon.” I smiled. “I’ll tell the kids.”

She gave me a smile and a look of mysterious concern, then left our house.

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