The Strongest Man in the World

The androgynous individual brushed an imaginary speck off its lapel. “If you drink this potion, you’ll become the strongest man in the world. Sounds nice, doesn’t it?” Dim lights and lots of shadows, common in the after hours locker room, made the offer seem even more sinister.

“Um. Maybe?” Alex finished tying her shoes and looked at… him? “Are you the devil?”

“There’s no such thing.” It smiled. “And if there were, I wouldn’t do business with it.”

“Okay. So, what do you take in return?” She lowered an eyebrow and inspected her guest. Slim, wearing a suit that screamed custom fit even to her sartorially-ignorant eye, and with a smirk of detached amusement.

It shrugged. “Nothing. You can have the potion if you want it.” It shook the potion, a brightly-colored can that looked like nothing so much as an energy drink. The name MAN-POWER splashed across the can.

“I just become a man, and the strongest one.” It nodded. “So, like, how strongest? Like, Magnus Magnusson, or like Superman?”

“The former, plus a little.”

“Straight man, or do I still like guys?”

“No guarantees.”

She reached for the can and opened it. “Here’s to privilege.” She downed it.

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