The Banker and the Farmer

A Farmer was on his way to market when he came across an Investment Banker who had hurt his foot. The Banker could not walk and begged the Farmer to bring him into town.

Now, the Farmer was not rich. In fact, all he had in the world were his crops and the two-wheeled cart that he pulled himself. But he took pity on the Banker and promised to pull him to town.

With his wares and the Banker together, the cart was too heavy to pull for long. He stopped and told the Banker he would have to walk a short while or they would both be late.

“You agreed to carry me the entire way!” cried the Banker. “You will have to owe me additional carriage.” They walked an hour until the Banker’s demanded to return to the cart, and they went thus the rest of the way to town.

“Wait!” cried the Banker. “You owe me additional carriage. Because you did not pay it immediately, you have incurred a fee for late payment. I am adding a farthing to your debt.”

When the Farmer refused to pay, the Banker had his goods confiscated to pay the difference.

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3 Responses to The Banker and the Farmer

  1. Madeleine says:

    “It’s in my nature,” replied the banker. The farmer agreed that such behavior was indeed in the banker’s nature. Luckily, a passing woodsman overheard this sad story and swung his mighty axe Volcker at the banker, limiting his proprietary credit default swap with one blow. “He wasn’t too big to fail after all,” said the woodsman, and pressed a favorable credit rating into the farmer’s grateful hand. As the woodsman returned back to the leafy solitude of the greenwood, the farmer cried out: “Wait! Sir, I must thank you! You didn’t even give me your name!”

    As the woodsman disappeared into foliage, the farmer heard his quiet reply.

    “You can call me Frank. Dodd Frank…”

  2. phil the elder says:

    So simple and elegant; so sadly true! (It probably doesn’t help that I just say The Big Short.)

  3. Al Hil says:

    A d.t. Rump fable.

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