Some Mood Lighting

The light flickered when Ksenia turned it on, and it kept flickering. “Stupid lamp,” she said. “I need a lamp that works.”

Joasia sat forward in the secondhand recliner. “Maybe some mood lighting.”

“Yeah, that would be nice. I wish I had a lava lamp. Uh…” The flickering light tinged purple as a mist rose up out of the central air vents.

“Your wish is grrrrrrranted!” boomed a deep voice, and a muscular man appeared. “Behold!” The flickering lamp now cast an ominous glow as lava poured from its lampshade. It pooled on the floor, which creaked and smoldered, promising a conflagration.

“That doesn’t count,” Joasia said. The two women moved away from the lava.

“It is a lamp of lava, is it not?” The genie grinned.

“I guess, but Lava Lamp is a trademark. It’s a specific product. This isn’t a Lava Lamp.”

“I…” The genie’s grin faltered. “Really?”

Ksenia blinked. “Um, yeah. That’s definitely what I meant. You have to undo… this. Right now.” She had backed into a corner.

With a petulant wave of his hand, the genie returned everything to normal, and vanished.

Ksenia sighed in relief. “Was all that true? About the trademark?”

Joasia shrugged.

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