She Looked at Me!

(Oh God, she looked at me. What’m’I gonna say? Hey, how’s it going? No, anyone would say that. Compliment her. Say something about her eyes. No, her shirt. God, she’s coming over here!)

“Hey,” she said.

“Hey, I like your posture.”

(What did I say? Did I say posture? How stupid am I?)

“My posture?”

(Okay, wait, backtrack, backtrack. No, don’t! Confidence, project confidence.)

“Yeah. You stand really gracefully.” (Okay, I think that was good. She’s smiling.)

“Oh! Thanks!” (I think… is she relaxing? Is that a good shift in posture?)

(Okay, she’s standing and smiling. She expects something. What is it? Should I say something? Is there something on my shirt? My face? Nonchalantly brush my face. Nonchalant, dammit! Good. Now tuck my hair back in case it’s weird. She’s still here.)

“Hey, um, do you—” She said, “Hey, would you—”

(She’s laughing. Can she tell my laugh is nervous?)

“D—” (Ahh! Clear my throat, clear it!) “Do you want to see a movie sometime? Or something?” (She’s not answering she’s not what do I do what—)

“Sure.” (Wow, that smile. Don’t stare as she walks away. Okay, stare. No, walk away, but look back.)

(She looked back too!)

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