Review of Palace by the Bay by Someone Who Hates Fish

Palace by the Bay is a lovely restaurant with elegant decor that takes full advantage of its location on on the shore of the bay. The soothing ambiance inspires excellent conversation, which in my experience centers mostly on how sad it is that such a lovely place serves primarily fish and seafood.

The staff greeted me warmly, no doubt repressing the fact that they must work surrounded by the smell of dead fish. My table had a great view of the water, which looks gorgeous with the city’s night lights until someone places a fish-smelling dish in my view, reminding me irrevocably that I am in a place that prepares fish.

The waiter wasted no time in listing the many disgusting fish creations soiling the kitchen that were not on the menu, no doubt left off out of common decency. I asked the waiter to surprise me, since all the dishes were equally objectionable.

The meal was pretty, if one can look past the fact that it is fish, which I could not. In short, Palace by the Bay is a beautiful restaurant with great views and good service where they expect you to eat fish. Avoid at all costs.

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