Red Riding Hoot 2

Little Red Riding Hood put on her cape, took up a basket of goodies, and set out for Grandmother’s house in the forest. Before she had gone far, a voice called out from the branches above.

“Whoooo are you taking those goodies to, little girl?” She looked up to see an owl. “And more importantly,” said the owl, “will you share?”

“No,” said Little Red. “This basket is for Grandmother, who is ill and needs them to get well. Otherwise I would share them.”

“You are a good child,” the owl said, “so I will tell you a secret path to Grandmother’s house.” But the owl’s directions led Red astray, and the owl flew ahead to Grandmother’s.

“Grandmother!” The owl scratched at her window. “Your granddaughter is lost in the woods and has none to help her find her way!” Scared for Little Red, Grandmother took up her own cape and went out into the darkening woods in search. Hooting in laughter, the owl made herself at home in Grandmother’s house.

She ate all of the oat cakes and nested in Grandmother’s bed. “I should have done this years ago,” she said to herself. Outside, the woods were pitch black.

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2 Responses to Red Riding Hoot 2

  1. Cameron LaRue says:

    Oh no! When the wolf comes knocking (as he is wont to do), the owl will realize he’s made some poor life choices!

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