Of Cause and Effect

God looked down at the Earth, which was lush with green and fruitful things and teeming with animals. God thought that this wondrous creation would be nothing without minds to explore and to shape it. So God created humanity.

Humanity did as God willed without instruction, exploring and expanding across the earth and building from God’s creation. Their exploration taught them of cause and effect, that everything follows from what precedes it. This led to the obvious question, and humanity built centers dedicated to the contemplation of what cause had effected the world.

Delighted by humanity’s curiosity, God granted humanity revelation of the divine. Temples to questions became temples to God and the answers. Humanity explored many interpretations of the divine revelation, and different groups favored different conclusions. Some forbade alien beliefs. They warred, and many temples fell.

God looked down on humanity, spilling blood and toppling houses of knowledge over as trivial a thing as what to think about God, who wasn’t even part of the world humans had been made to explore. God chose to make a new people, one that would be totally unconcerned with what anyone else thought.

And that is how cats came to be.

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  1. Phil Brady says:

    Nicely done, Peter. You had me sauntering down the old parable path, wondering how it would be when I got to the cliff. And then, there it was: a cat! Explains the ancient Egyptians’ beliefs about our four-legged leaders.

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