Introducing the Surprise Genie

Wilson rolled over in bed for the fifth time and cracked his eyes open. Groaning, he crawled out of bed and took stumbled to the bathroom. Feeling toward the toilet in the dark, he muttered, “I wish I didn’t have to pee in the middle of the night.”

“Grrrrrranted!” rolled a deep voice. The bathroom filled with a purple light and shifting shadows, and smoke billowed around Wilson. A dark-skinned man with a great black beard, wearing loose, flowing pants and no shirt stepped out of the smoke. “Your wish is granted.” He smiled with bright white teeth.

After a few moments to calm his racing heart, Wilson said, “So, you’re…”

“A genie!” exclaimed the man.

“And you…”

“Grant wishes!”

Wilson stared. “So, now I don’t…”

“Have to pee in the middle of the night! Ever again!” Smoke billowed up and engulfed the genie. As it receded into nowhere, “You’re welcome!” echoed.

Wilson turned toward bed, then noticed a discomfort. “I still need to pee,” he said to the wisps of smoke still remaining.

“No you don’t,” came a dwindling echo. “But that doesn’t take the discomfort awaaaaaaaay.”

“Stupid genie,” said Wilson as he made his way to the toilet.

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