Her Phone’s Voice

“Wake up, Harmony.” Her phone’s voice was cool, collected, and female, just as Harmony had set it. She checked the screen. “Hey, why’s it twelve minutes before my alarm?”

“Sleep patterns indicate you’ll need more time this morning. Get up, Harmony.” Harmony grumbled but followed directions. In the shower, she said, “Play something.” Her favorite lively tunes filled the bathroom, helping her pick up the pace. Drying off, she asked if that had made up any time. “No. I factored in the request and response.”

She was thinking about brushing her teeth after putting away her dirty dishes from breakfast when the phone said, “No time to brush, Harmony. You have to go.” Harmony left, arriving at the bus stop just in time to board without delaying the service, which was three minutes late as it was. She was about to sit when her earpiece said, “Pick another seat.”

Harmony looked around but saw nothing out of the ordinary. With a mental shrug, she moved to the back. At the next stop, her ex-girlfriend got on and took the seat Harmony had skipped, apparently without seeing her. Harmony thanked her assistant internally.

“You’re welcome, Harmony,” it said in her ear.

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