Fan Taunts Injured Hockey Player. What Happens Next? INSTANT KARMA

“Yeaaaaah, smash him, smash him!” Roger cheered so energetically he sloshed beer out of his cup. Moments later, one of the opposing team slammed number 14 hard against the glass, and he sank down on the ice. When his teammates helped him up, he skated slowly to the bench, holding his arm tenderly.

Roger yelled as 14 passed his rinkside seat. “Ahhh, what’s wrong, can’t take a little pressure? Soon as the game gets rough, you need to sit out? Want me to call your mommy?” Waaah!”

Little known in the hockey world is the devotion of the Hindu deities to the sport of Hockey. It began when the Canadian traveler Vernon Morely found himself stranded in Punjab and, bored, arranged a hockey competition.

At this very moment, Shani sat in the audience admiring the Canadians’ skill. His eyes narrowing, he looked at Roger from across the rink and whispered. Despite the distance, Roger heard each word clearly. “No. For your shameless disregard for this noble game, I pass judgment on your karma. You shall suffer in the next life, which begins… now.”

Roger alone heard the cry of a raven, as he transformed instantly and painfully into a pig.

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