Electric Fence

Fuck, did I regret pissing on that electric fence. ‘Cause now I had a Johnny at gunpoint and all I could think about was how my junk ached. Colin giggling, like a fucking schoolboy. Every time he stopped, he looked at me and burst out laughing again. The Johnny looked scared.

I hated everything about this job. The dew-heavy grass soaking and freezing my feet like I’d stepped in a puddle in January. Getting up at three in the morning to drive to God-knows-where and tromp across a mile of farm to pop this guy doing whatever you do on a farm at buttfuck am in the morning. The goddamn horses and their goddamn horse smells.

Another giggle put the cap on it. “Last request,” I said. Colin stopped laughing, ‘cause he knew what was coming. “Hey, just ‘cause you took the dare-”

“Shut it.” To the Johnny: “Last request.”

“Do it away from the horses. Blood’ll upset ‘em.”

“Fine,” I said. I popped a few into the horses, and as their freaky horse screams started, I popped him in the chest. Let him nod off with that in his ears.

What a goddamn shitty way to start a day.

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  1. Al Hil says:

    Hate this ones images. Too awful. You put a lot in so few words.

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