Cronus and Rhea

Cronus looked down at the child in Rhea’s arms, already soaking through its swaddle. “I never thought a baby would look so… delicious.”

“What was that, dear? You’re muttering again.”

“Nothing, sweetie.”

Predictably, Rhea was upset when their son disappeared. Still, it did not dissuade her from another pregnancy. She birthed a daughter on the first day of spring. “I wonder if girls are as tasty?”

“Did you say something, my love?”

“No. Nothing. Good work.” A day later, the child was gone.

Despite their grief, they continued to have children. The gloomy son, the proud daughter, the one that looked happy to have company, all disappeared shortly after birth. The last time, Rhea confronted Cronus in the act—though just too late to stop him.

“Why?” she demanded.

“Um…” Cronus looked around for inspiration. “A prophecy! One of our children is fated to kill me, see, so… you love me, right? You wouldn’t want me dead?”

“What, so I don’t get to have children?”

“Sure you do! Just, uh…”

“Just, you’ll eat them?” Cronus smiled sheepishly. Rhea glared at him a moment, then hugged him. “I love you,” she said. “We’ll figure something out.”

As you might know, she did.

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