As Honor Demands

“Sir Acornium, a moment! While I am sure you did not intend it, I am positive that I just now saw you digging up a delectable treat that was not your own.”

“My word, Sir Pufflecheeks, that accusation is as shocking as it is false. I buried that worthy meal last fall. I must demand that you rescind your statement or be prepared to defend it.”

“I cannot in good conscience say otherwise, nole sir, for I know your words for false. You see, I buried that comestible myself, in that very spot!”

“You will not gainsay your accusation?”

“I cannot. And while I have no wish to do you harm, know, good sir, that I stand ready.”

“Then let this be the field of honor! Have at!”

Matt elbowed Jana and pointed out the window. “Look at how wild those squirrels are going at it. They’re such crazy critters!”

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