As Cool As That

Jenny watched the man as he went by, appreciating his fedora. “Man, I wish I had a hat as cool as that.”

“Grrrrrrrranted!” boomed an echoing voice. All around her, a purple haze rose into the air, and a muscular, shirtless man stepped out from the mist, his bright grin showing through his beard. Jenny stepped back in surprise, wondering if she had her mace, then reflexively caught a ratty purple beanie as it appeared in front of her.

“This… really doesn’t compare with that fedora,” she said.

“No, maybe not,” said the genie, “but it is exactly the same temperature!”

“Really? That’s your loophole?” The genie laughed. “Wait, will they always be the same temperature?”

“Of course! My wishes are always true!”

“Okay, so I could use this as some kind of remote temperature gauge. Maybe send it into the deep ocean for readings… or the Earth’s core. No, it would burn up. Holy shit! We could launch it into a black hole, and take readings from the other side!”

“What?” said the genie.

“I’ve got to get that hat,” Jenny said, running after the man.

“Why do I feel like I screwed this one up?” asked the genie.

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