A Private Experiment of Dubious Taste

The door swished open as M826-878G-EDZO approached. It knew through the network that M826-502N-POLK wanted to share something over short-range transmission, and the door opening on detecting EDZO corroborated that. POLK was waiting, and the two robots exchanged warm feelings of reunion.

POLK short-cast a strong desire to share something with EDZO, but nothing of that thing’s nature. Though EDZO was somewhat resentful of this cagey demand on its time, it kept frustration out of its transmission. It felt it owed at least some inconvenience to a sibling from the same manufacturing run.

EDZO followed into a small chamber at the rear of the domicile. Most used such rooms for auxiliary storage, but POLK had installed laboratory glassware and unusual lights. EDZO queried the network for the lights’ purpose but found local access suppressed. It short-cast its curiosity to POLK.

Radiating glee, POLK revealed a small dish from a drawer. EDZO detected only fluid until POLK provided a magnifier. The sight shocked it: organic cells, moving by themselves! When POLK short-cast that they also reproduced, EDZO left, casting disgust.

Disappointed, and nervous at the thought of publicity, POLK set about dismantling the lab. It flushed the experiment down the drain.

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